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Brhad Bhagavatamrta - Sastra Reading




Brhad Bhagavatamrta - Sastra Reading

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Sastra Reading

Brhad Bhagavatamrta

Glory to He who is a great ocean of many sweetnesses, who is scented with the fragrance of youth, and who, in the form of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, descended (to this world) to give pure love for His own lotus feet and to personally taste the perfect eternal love felt by the gopis.

Lord Brahma said to his son Narada: "The planet of Shiva is beyond the seven-fold coverings of the material world. It is eternal, transcendental, and full of bliss. Only the greatest servants of Shiva may enter it.

In that place Shiva is decorated with splendid transcendental garments and ornaments. There He is the master of great powers and opulences, and there he is surrounded by many associates as splendid and glorious as he. 

In that place, even though the two of them are not different, Shiva worships the supremely powerful and opulent Lord Sankarsana as his chosen Deity. Is this not very wonderful? 

Shiva is famous as the personal friend of Lord Vishnu. In this universe I do not see anyone who is the object of the Lord's mercy as Shiva. 

Always intoxicated by the sweet nectar of Sri Krishna's lotus feet, Shiva has lost all interest in material goals, in supreme power and opulence, and in varieties of sense-pleasure. 

Eating Dhustura seeds and arka leaves, decorated with a garland of skulls, and his naked body smeared with ashes, Shiva laughs at materialists like myself, who are addicted to sense-pleasures. 

Wearing matted locks of dishevelled hair, and eager to conceal his actual nature, he staggers about like a madman. On his head he happily carries the Ganges, which has washed the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. When he dances he destroys the universe. 

Lord Krishna is so kind to him that not only does he have the power to grant the most valuable liberation to demigods like myself, but even his wife has that power. 

All the residents of Shivaloka are liberated souls. By Shiva's mercy how many of them are not only liberated, but are now pure devotees of Lord Krishna? 

To consider Shiva different from Lord Krishna is a great offense. The Supreme Personality of Godhead may forgive offenses committed to Him, but He does not forgive those committed against Shiva. 

When Tripuresvara, Vrkasura and other demons maddened by benedictions he gave them, placed Shiva in a very dangerous position, Lord Krishna at once rescued him with words as sweet as nectar. 

Conquered by the intimate love of His devotee, Lord Krishna personally worships Shiva just to glorify him.

Lord Krishna personally asked Shiva to drink the terrible poison produced from the churning of nectar. In this way Shiva became worshipped by the Prajapatis, and showered with streams of great glory. 

The Puranas sing of the mercy of Lord Krishna to Shiva. 

--Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta (2.79.97)--

Glory to the gopis headed by Shrimati Radharani, who are famous as the beloveds of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and the sweetness of whose intimate friendship with Lord Hari no one will ever have the slightest power to describe.

Glory to Lord Hari who, seeing the very sweet love His dear devotees bear for Him, eagerly descended (to this world) in the form of a devotee, who is now splendid as gold, who is dressed as a sannyasi, who is the son of Shrimati Saci-devi, and who bears the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya. (text 3)

"Glory glory to Vrindavana forest, the place dearer to Lord Krishna than the transcendental realm of Vaikuntha, the place where Lord Krishna eternally protects the surabhi cows, and where, sweetly playing the flute, He arouses the pure love of the gopis in the arena of the rasa dance. (text 4)

"Glory, glory to Vrindavana forest, the place dearer to Lord Krishna than the transcendental realm of Vaikuntha, the place where Lord Krishna eternally protects the surabhi cows, and where, sweetly playing the flute, He arouses the pure love of the gopis in the arena of the rasa dance." 

--Brhad Bhagavatamrta, (5)--
 — con Madhura Hegde.

"Glory to the Yamuna River, which is the daughter of the sun-god, the sister of Yamaraja, the friend of Mathura, superior to the Ganges, and very dear to Lord Krishna, and which flows with what seems to be water but is actually the nectar of the lotus flower of Lord Krishna's feet."

--Sri Brhad Baghavatamrta (6)--

"Glory to Govardhana Hill, the king of mountains, the hill the gopis declared was the best servant of Lord Hari, the hill personally worshiped by Lord Krishna when He stopped the indra-yajna, the hill that for seven days rested on Lord Krishna's lotus hand. 

--BB. (1.1.7)--

"Glory, glory to devotional service in pure love for Krishna. Rejected by the devotees, finally understanding the confidential secret of all Vedic knowledge, and abandoning all trust in mantra-chanting, Vedic sacrifices, and severe austerity, liberation now worships the feet of devotional service. Liberation now yearns to take shelter of the feet of devotion."

--Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta (8)--

"All glories, all glories, to the all-blissful holy name of Shri Krishna, which causes the devotee to give up all conventional religious duties, meditation, and worship. When somehow or other uttered even once by a living entity, the holy name awards him liberation. The holy name of Krishna is the highest nectar. It is my very life and my only treasure."

--Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta (9)--

"Obeisances to boundlessly merciful Lord Shri Krishnacandra who, appearing as Shri Chaitanya, distributed the nectar of pure love of God in the age of Kali."

--Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta (10)--
 — con Debajit Roy.

"The Lord who is dear to the heart is Nanda's son, who plays the flute and whose handsome form gracefully bends in three places. By His mercy He appeared in the heart and revealed the truth of devotional service."

--Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta 1.1.11--

Once, during the month of Magha, at Prayaga, the best of holy places, many great sages bathed in the morning, happily sat down near the Deity of Lord Madhava and, thinking how to attain spiritual success, praised each other, saying "You are dear to Lord Krishna."

O mother, then a great brahmana devotee of the Lord came there to Dashashvamedha-tirtha.

A wealthy landowner, he and his associates had come to feed the brahmanas. 

He offered delicious foods, costly garments and many other valuables to Lord Hari. Then he celebrated a great festival where he himself danced to the accompaniment of singing and instrumental music.

Then he bowed down to offer respects to the brahmanas, who could eloquently speak on the Vedas, Puranas, and other scriptures. He bowed down to the sannyasis, householders, and brahmacaris.

Then with sweet words and polite behavior he pleased the many Vaishnavas, who were always eager to taste the bliss of chanting Lord Krishna's glories.

He placed on his head the water that had washed their feet. He worshiped them by giving them the food and valuables that had been offered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Then he respectfully fed the poor and the outcasts, and he satisfied even the dogs, jackals, birds, and insects.

When everyone was satisfied in this way the saintly persons requested that he also eat. He and his associates then happily ate the remnants of the nectarean feast.

Then he approached Lord Krishna, and with folded hands offered the fruits of all his actions to the Lord.

Then he put the Lord to rest and was about to go home when Sri Narada, who is always eager to serve the Lord, and who had been observing all his actions from far away, suddenly stood up in the assembly of sages, again and again said, "This person is very dear to Lord Maha-Vishnu", quickly went to the brahmana and, proclaiming to the world that this person is the object of Sri Krishna's great mercy, said:

Sri Narada said: O king of brahmanas, Lord Krishna is very merciful to you. I have seen how in this sacred place you (have given) your money, property, generosity, and power.

The learned brahmana then said to sage Narada: It is not true. My lord, what signs of Lord Krishna's mercy do you see in me? 

I am insignificant. Who am I? How much can I give in charity? What power do I have? Where is my devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead?

In the south is a great king in whose country are. many temples of the Lord. This king is the real object of Lord Krishna's mercy. 

The king worships the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the brahmanas, and he has given his country to them as their property. For this reason, in his country there is no calamity, no suffering, and no fear. 

In his country the ground produces crops even without being plowed. The rain falls as much as one could desire, and excellent fruit, roots, and garments are very easy to obtain.

Righteously engaged in their various occupational duties, and completely devoted to Lord Krishna, all the people of his country are very happy. They all follow their king as if they were his sons and daughters.

Prideless, and always humbly engaged in the service of the Lord, he pleases everyone. He is very dear to the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

A host of good qualities follow his great devotion to Lord Krishna. How many of them can I enumerate? Of how many of them am I aware?

Sri Pariksit said: Then Narada went to see that great king. As he was traveling in that king's country he noticed that the people were intently and happily engaged in the worship of the Supreme Lord.. (to be continued)

--Sri Brihad Bhagavatamrta (1.1. sumarized)--

Picture: Maharaja Pariksit listening the Brhad Bhagavatamrta from Sukadeva Gosvami (he later narrates this stories to his Mother Uttara and the one above is one of them).



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