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Sri Narada said: With their pastimes the two handsome fair and dark boys, Krsna and Balarama, made Nanda’s palace beautiful.

O King of Mithila, They crawled on Their hands and knees and soon They were speaking sweet words in Vraja.

Tinkling Their anklets and small bells, They enchanted the three worlds as They went here and there. By the influence of Their Yogamaya potency They manifested the forms of two small boys.

On His hands and knees crawling first to the courtyard and then to His mother’s lap, Krsna was like a lion cub splendidly playing in Vraja.

"Her bodily splendor, which chastises lightning, campaka flowers, gold, and kunkuma, should be described. The nectar of Her name should be heard.

Expertly tied, with a beautiful flower blossom at its end, and the glory of its ali flowers making it seem like a dark monsoon cloud embroidered with glittering moonlight, doe-eyed Radha's braided hair shines with great splendor.

She wears a priceless crest-jewel. She bears the mark of Kamadeva. A line gracefully marks the part in Her hair. Her pearl necklace is splendid as a line of stars. Is this a flood of nectar flowing from the moon of Her face? 

Her beautiful forehead is like a crescent moon and is decorated with graceful curly locks of hair, colorful designs, and wonderful pictures drawn in musk. The wealth of Her eyes leaves Krishna always unsatiated. 

She is very beautiful. Her curved eyebrows defeat Kamadeva's unstringed bow. Is this a line of bumblebees motionless from having drunk the nectar they desired from these lotus eyes?

--Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura--

"Being firmly tied to the grinding mortar with a cow’s rope by Mother Yasoda, the plunderer of butter softly whimpered. Govinda, Damodara, Madhava."

--Govinda Damodara-Stotra--

"On an altar made of gems in the principal temple of Vṛndāvana, amidst a forest of desire trees, Lord Govinda, the son of the King of Vraja, sits upon a throne of gems and manifests His full glory and sweetness, thus enchanting the entire world."

--CC. Adi-lila 5.218-219--

"A dark-complexioned thief has stolen my heart. Look! He has already stolen the sins of the surrendered devotees, the life-breath of Putana, the bracelets and garments of the young gopis, and the eyes and hearts of the saintly devotees."

author unknown

" May that Srimati Radhika -whose bodily complexion snatches away the pride  of a golden lotus flower tinged with kunkuma, whose bodily fragance reproaches the fame of a fragrant lotus sprinkled with saffron powder, and who fulfills all the desires of the prince of Vraja, Sri Krsna- always bestow upon us the service of Her lotus feet."

--Sri Radhikastakam by Srila Krsnadas Kaviraja Gosvami--

"May my eyes become overwhelmed with ecstasy by seeing the nectar waves if Vrndavana's beauty. May my intelligence drown in the nectar of Vrndavana's glories. May my body become agitated by the swiftly moving currents of ecstatic bliss and thus roll about on the ground of Vrndavana. Falling down like a stick, may I offer my respectful obeisances to all the residents of Vrndavana."

--Vrndavana Mahimamrta--

"O my rising dark moon, my child, You are not asleep"

"No, Sleep has not yet come to Me."

"Listen, my son. I will tell You a bedtime story that will make You fall asleep."

"What is this story I have never heard? Please tell it."

Mother Yasoda then told the story... When she came to the sentences, 'Then Lord Nrsimha appeared from the pillar, Lord Nrsimha was very eager to rip the demon to shreds...

...A smile suddenly arose on child Krishna's lips...

--Sri Sarvananda--

Srimati Radharani, the chief of all gopis spoke these words: 

"We know all about Krsna and how ungrateful He is. But here is the difficulty: In spite of His being so cruel and hardhearted, it is very difficult for us to give up talking about Him. Not only are we unable to give up this talk, but great sages and saintly persons also engage in talking about Him. We gopīs of Vṛndāvana do not want to make any more friendships with this blackish boy, but we do not know how we shall be able to give up remembering and talking about His activities."

--Narada Bhakti Sutra--

"Lord Nityananda Prabhu implored to all His part and parcel souls, 'Come, come to Me, all souls, giving up your deceitful mentality. I will personally reward and instruct you in the pristinely pure love for My Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu which you have to learn from Me."

"Stating like this, the Supreme Lord Nityananda Prabhu loudly calls out again and again out of intense compassion for all souls but just see the great misfortune of the souls, they do not even care to accept this greatly rare spiritual gift personally from the Lord Himself."

--Glories of Sri Navadvipa Dham by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura--
 — con Ale Suarez y Radhakanta Dasa.

Her splendid lips eclipse the glory of the blossoming bandhujiva flowers. With the moonlight of Her smile day by day She transforms thirsty Krishna into a cakora bird.

How can the teeth that show their power on Mukunda's lips be described? The splendid red pomegranate seeds are certainly not their equal.

How deep is the ocean of sweetness at Her lotus face? Is She decorated with dots of musk? What does Her face do in Krishna's presence?

Her neck marked with three lines eclipses the beauty of lightning and the conchshell. The music she sings is praised by the cuckoos. she wears necklaces of pearls and garlands of jasminme flowers strung by Her beloved.

Her graceful arms soft as a shirisha flower and situated in the unparalleled pinnacle of beauty, She gives eternal happiness to Her beloved.

As She rests Her beautiful limbs on Her beloved, She dwarfs the beautiful pastimes of the goddess of fortune. When with Her hand She pushes back Her hair, Her shoulders attain the pinnacle of beauty.

Tinkling on Her wrists kankana bracelets with the unlimited splendor of lightning and cuda bracelets with the unlimited power of a host of weapons and splendid as monsoon clouds, She plunges Her gopi friends in the amorous-gesture ocean of happiness.

Her hands, the splendor of which eclipses the glory of two red lotuses, and which are beautiful with auspicious marks, have the power to rest on Her beloved's chest.

When the rasa-dance pastime is gloriously manifest, Her beautiful fingers, shining with the splendor of Her fingernails and decorated with urmika rings, join with the fingers of Krishna.


Her beautiful, glistening, mascara-anointed eyes are like two saphari fishes shining with the desire to sport in the ocean of Her beloved's handsomeness. She finds the betel-mark of Her beloved.

If a stationary flash of lightning were decorated with stars, two bubbles of nectar placed beneath it, and the whole thing placed within a lotus flower, it would be defeated by doe-
eyed Radha's splendid nose.

Her cheeks, eyes, and bimba-fruit lips are beautiful. She wears a pearl beautiful with a large sapphire. The rain of sweetness from Her smile makes Krishna's heart thirst.

I think Her glistening jewel hoop-earrings are Kamadeva's nooses to catch Krishna's eyes. 

Did Her beloved touch the ocean of beauty flowing from a red betelnut spot on Her glorious cheeks kissed by the splendor of Her swinging jewel earrings?

--Srila Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura--

Lord Gaura's handsome form defeats the golden mountain and the golden campaka flowers. His neck is long. His glory has no end. He charms the world's hearts.

Glory to Shaci's son! The three worlds bow before Him. He breaks into shards everyone's fear of the black snake that is Kali-yuga.

The hairs of His body stand erect. His heart is overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love. He gently, gently smiles. He speaks broken words in a choked voice. How many celestial Gangas flow from His eyes?

Tasting the nectar of ecstatic spiritual love, He dances. His eyes move restlessly. How many devotees gather around Him and sing? He makes the circle of the earth float in the nectar of ecstatic spiritual love. Govinda dasa alone was not touched by that flood of nectar.

--Padavali by Govinda Dasa Thakura (Bandana-raga)

"Today or tomorrow this worthless material body will leave me and all the material happiness connected with it will also leave. Because material happiness is temporary, it should be understood to be only a mirage of the real happiness. O my mind, please abandon this false happiness and enjoy the real, eternal happiness of devotional service within the land of Vrndavana."

"You may experience either happiness or distress. You may know fame or infamy. The lowest persons may insult you, or the saintly devotees may praise you. You may know poverty or great wealth. You may obtain all valuable things, or you may not obtain anything. Whatever position your past pious or impious deeds may place you in, just make Vrndavana your life and soul."

"All glories to Sri Vrndavana which, with single particle of its glory, which cannot be understood even by Laksmi, Siva, Brahma, and all the leaders of the demigods, makes numberless kamadhenu cows, kalpa-vrksa trees, and cintamani gems appear insignificant."

"May blissful, spiritual, wonderful Vrndavana which with its charming groves where Sri Sri Radhika-Muralimohana enjoy pastimes, milks the ocean of nectar, destroy my sins."

--Sri Vrndavana Mahimarta--

"I am the full spiritual truth and am made of full joy, but the love of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī drives Me mad."

"I do not know the strength of Rādhā's love, with which She always overwhelms Me."

"The love of Rādhikā is My teacher, and I am Her dancing pupil. Her prema makes Me dance various novel dances."

Immersed in bliss, Gauranga dances madly and sometimes roars like a lion, while giving out love of God. 

The devotees, feeling just like men who have recovered their long-lost wealth, began worshiping the Lord with their tears of happiness. As elephants jump into a lake to get relief from a forest fire, the devotees forgot their miseries by drowning in the nectar ocean of Krishna-prema.

In ecstasy someone cried out the name, 'Thakura!' In a joking mood, someone else hiked up his dhoti tightly between his legs, and slapped his arms like a wrestler preparing to attack.

Everyone forgot themselves in the bliss of love of God. That same love which Laksmi Devi hankers after with folded hands, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was now freely distributing without discrimination.

--Sutra-khanda of the Caitanya Mangala--



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