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Srila Prabhupada just mentioned the following in his class this morning: 

The example we have given many times is that we are in the sunshine. Now there is sunshine that is also Brahman, or heat and light both. But the heat and light here, ninety-three millions miles away from the sun, and the heat and light in the sun is a difference. T
Although heat and light is there in the sun globe and heat and light in the sunshine, but still, sunshine is not the sun globe. Sun globe is not sun-god. 

In our present senses it is difficult to adjust things how we are one and different with the Supreme Absolute Truth. Acintya-bhedabheda-tatva

So in this way we have to understand…

And he adds:

Complete knowledge is when one understands the Param Brahman. That is complete understanding. Not simply Brahman but Brahman Paramatma and Bhagavan. That is the Absolute Truth, tattva-vastu, and They are not different. 

If you manufacture the meaning and manufacture the idea that is poor fund of knowledge...

"Bhativinoda Predicted Someone"

Prabhupada: ...his blessings upon you. You are fulfilling his mission. He wanted that European, American should come here. It is all Bhaktivinoda Thakura's blessing. Hare Krsna. So there is no scarcity of space for keeping all the devotees?

Bhavananda: Everyone is situated...
Prabhupada: Huh?
Bhavananda: Everyone is situated in rooms.

Jayapataka: Without these dwelling..., wall dwellings, there would have been no hope.

Jayapataka: Srila Prabhupada. Only by your mercy you have brought us to this Krsna consciousness movement.

Prabhupada: Yes. I am simply messenger. Mercy is of Bhaktivinoda Thakura and Srila Prabhupada. Before my coming they predicted, that "Somebody will bring." Maybe that somebody I am. (chuckles) Bhaktivinoda Thakura predicted...

--room conversation, March 26th 1975--
 — con Suja Arumugam.

This is the specific qualification of a Krsna conscious person. 
Smaran mukundanghry-upaguhanam punah. 
One who has chanted Hare Krsna, he cannot give it up. 
Cannot give it up. He has to come again. 
This life or next life, Krsna will not leave him. Krsna... 
Once surrender sincerely, "Krsna, I am Yours," 
Krsna will never leave him. He will protect you....

--excerpt from a class on SB.1.5.18 June 22nd 1969, New Vrndavana--

"Accept No Fakirs, No Substitutes"

Guest: (10) (Indian man): Prabhupada, surrender, sar..., word, if you can give us a full explanation of the word surrender. What's the meaning of surrender and how one should do it? Basis of surrender.

Prabhupada: Surrender, this is surrender, that... First of all, why you surrender? You must know it perfectly well that "Krsna is master; I am servant." Otherwise there is no question of surrender. Then you have to believe that "Krsna says, aham tvam sarva papebhyo moksayisyami. So now I have surrendered. I have no more fear. Krsna will give me protection." To believe firmly... "Krsna is all powerful. Krsna is my master. He is not a fakir, that He's talking nonsense." We have to believe that. This is surrender. If you think, "Krsna is another fakir like me. He's talking nonsense," then that is not surrender. You have to believe that. 

That is explained in the Caitanya-caritamrta, that sraddha sabde visvasa niscaya. This is sraddha. Sraddha is the beginning. That sraddha means when you firmly believe in Krsna: "Yes, He'll give me protection." That is surrender. Krsne bhakti kaile sarva-karma krta haya. When you come to this stage, firmly believe in the words of Krsna, that is surrender. First of all, you have to check yourself whether you firmly believe in the words of God. If you don't believe, there is no question of surrender. Then you remain where you are. This is firm belief: "Krsna says that He will give me protection. So let me surrender. I have surrendered to maya. I have not become happy. So why not surrender to Krsna?" This is intelligence. You are not free. Then why you are declaring yourself as free? This is your disease. 

So intelligent means that I have no freedom actually. I am acting under the dictation of my senses. I am servant of my senses. So why not become servant of Krsna? This is intelligent. Everyone is acting under senses, order of the senses. Kamadinam kathidha na kathida palita durni-desah. Even I don't want to do it, something wrong, but my senses are dictating, so "All right, let me do it." So we are... I am servant of the senses. My position is twofold. Either I become the servant of the senses or I become servant of Krsna. My position is the same. Simply I have to change it...

--conversation, January 9th 1977--

"Fool's Paradise Lost"

Prabhupada: Everything is worst. Sinful is sinful. Disease is disease. This body, either it is living or it is dead, it is not very important thing. Now see. And the whole world is after this body. 

Krsna says, "The body, either dead or alive, it is not a subject matter for serious consideration." Now see. And what the world is going on? Simply for bodily... Body means senses. 

It is very difficult to the, for the western people to understand that body is not important thing; the soul is important thing. First of all, they do not know what is soul and then consideration of importance. 

This is their position. And if one cannot understand what is soul, what he will understand about God? Soul is a minute particle of God. If one cannot understand about this minute particle, then what he'll understand of the Supreme? 

In the laboratory, if you can test a little sample, just like take a little sea water, analyze, you chemically test, then you can understand what is the composition of the sea water. But if you have no knowledge even a small drop of sea water, how you'll understand the sea, what... 

That is their position. They do not understand even the sample of spirit soul, as we are. Simply they are trying to cover it. "There is no soul. There is no soul. Life is generated from matter." Although they cannot prove it. 

A fool's paradise. The fools, rascals, they are explaining the living force in some way, and other fools are accepting. This is the position of western countries, Europe and America. It is a fool's paradise. It is paradise, certainly. Very, very, big, big building and advancement, but all rascals and fools. Fool's paradise...

--from a morning walk, Germany, June 17,1975--
 — con Himani Menghi.

"Let Cows Die Naturally"

Prabhupada: So our recommendation is, "Don't kill cow." Take milk and make thousands of preparations, all nutritious and very healthy. They do not know how to use cow. Instead of killing, if we take, let the animal live and give us milk, and from the milk, we make hundreds of preparations. The milk is nothing but blood, transformation of blood. So we take the blood by killing the animal, but we do not wish to kill such an important animal, but they take the blood in form of milk and make preparation. 

And those who are flesh-eaters, let them wait for the death of the cow. Then let them eat the flesh, not living condition. So we are making preparation that keep the cows, protect the cows, and when the cow dies, the flesh-eater may take it away. So he can take the skin, he can take the hoof, he can take the horn, he can take the flesh, everything, whatever he likes. Because when it is dead, it is no more useful for us. So the others, who are interested with the skin, in the flesh, in the hoof, they can take it. And they get it free. Without any cost. 

Because after death, we don't want it. So this is our program. Let the cows live. We take sufficient milk. We are getting milk, one thousand pounds. One thousand pounds daily in our, one center, New Vrindaban, Virginia. So we are making various preparations from the milk, and they are very happy, and the cows are also happy. So this is one of our programs, to stop killing this important animal. And the flesh-eaters may wait a little until the cow dies. Then he gets the opportunity. 

Why there should be slaughterhouse maintained?... If we want to eat the flesh, let us wait till the death. And there will be death. There is no doubt about it. So why they should maintain slaughterhouse? And this is most cruelty. A animal which is giving milk, so important foodstuff, and that is being killed, it does not suit any moral sense of any human being. 

On the contrary, according to Vedic system, there are seven mothers. And cow is accepted one of them. Because she gives milk, and we take her milk, therefore she's our mother. So this is our philosophy...

--conversation June 11th 1974--

Srila Prabhupada just mentioned the following in his class of the Srimad Bhagavatam this morning: 

...We are changing our body, one after another after some years… That is also according to our different forms of life. In one small insect, it may live for few minutes, some of them for few hours, some of them for few days, and some of them for few months, some of them for few years. 

Either you become a small insect or you become as powerful as Lord Brahma, but you have to die. There is no escape...

We existed in the past, we are existing now, and we shall continue to exist. Here, we have got temporary life. Therefore we cannot be nitya-yukta. This life will be finished, and the next life we don’t know what kind of life we shall have. It may be human form of life or it may be dog’s form of life. 

There is no guarantee. There will be change of body. And so far the body is concerned, there are 8,400,000 of different bodies. So any one of them you have to accept. There is no guarantee You have to change this body…

"Actual Woman’s Liberation”

Srila Prabhupada so brilliantly responds to a female reporter that wanted to see ‘equality’ in men and women with the following words:

Prabhupada: Your bodily features are different from the man's features. You cannot deny it. So according to the bodily features, the psychological condition and everything is there. How you can deny it?

Woman reporter: Do you think that I am inferior to you?

Prabhupada: It is not the question of inferior or superior. Different. Now you take one inferior or superior. That is your calculation. But the bodily features are different. That is material. But spiritually, they are all one. Materially... Just like your bodily feature and a man's bodily feature is different. Now, so far question of inferior, superior, that is your calculation. But we say that by nature, a woman and man is different.

Woman reporter: What does this mean as far as whether women can do the same things that men can do, or whether women can lead people?

Prabhupada: Well, women can bear children, but the man cannot. Is it possible to bear children? A man can become pregnant? Is it possible?

Woman reporter: No.

Prabhupada: Physically... Therefore there are so many things which is possible in man and which is not possible in woman, by nature. How you can say that they are of the same nature?

Woman reporter: I'm not saying they're the same. What can...

Prabhupada: Then if you not saying that, then they are different in their physiological condition. So now this physiological condition, you may calculate, "This is better, this is better." That is your calculation. Our calculation is the man and woman are different in their physiological condition.

Prabhupada: Prasada means the mercy of Krsna.

Manihara: Mercy.

Prabhupada: By eating you are getting mercy.

Manihara: 'Cause some devotees, they are saying...

Prabhupada: Because we want eating, so He is giving His mercy through eating. Eating nobody will refuse. So by eating he is being favored by Krsna. This is the process... He's very merciful... We are accustomed to eat, go to the restaurant, go to the hotel, go to here and there, at home and so on. Simply eating, eating. So this is jihva lampata. Prostitution of the tongue. 

Just like a woman prostitute is not satisfied with one man. Similarly, our tongue is like a prostitute. It is not satisfied with simple foods. Sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes on the street, sometimes on the restaurant, sometimes a hotel...

There are prostitution of three things: prostitution of the tongue, prostitution of the belly, and prostitution of the genital. Three kinds of. Udara-upastha-vegam. Jihva-udara-upastha-vegam [NoI 1]. Straight line. So to stop this prostitution is to control the tongue. The tongue prostitution means he wants to eat varieties of foodstuff. Krsna is so merciful, "All right, you eat varieties of prasada." Then tongue prostitution is controlled and naturally the belly and the genital controlled. To own victory over the tongue, He has given varieties... Therefore all nice things should be offered to Krsna and then take prasada. They will be benefited.

Manihara: This is Krsna's arrangement, special.

Prabhupada: Jaya means you conquer over the tongue. If you do not give tongue Krsna prasada then the tongue will dictate, "Why not go to the restaurant?" So this is the process. Give everyone nice prasada. His tongue will be conquered and he'll be conquered. He'll be able to conquer over the prostitution of the senses, and then he'll become a devotee...

--Conversation, August 22nd 1976--

"A. Ginsberg -- Freedom Is Frustration"

Allen Ginsberg: What was the first sound, traditionally?

Prabhupada: Vedic states, Om. So at least we can understand from your Bible, that God said, "Let there be creation." So this is sound, and there is creation. God and His sound is non-different, absolute. I say, "Mr. Ginsberg," this sound and I, a little difference, but God is non-different from His energy.

Sakti, energy and sakti-mat, the energetic. They are non-different. Just like fire and heat, they are non-different, but heat is not fire. You can not differentiate heat from fire, or fire from heat. But fire is not heat.

This Krsna sound and Krsna, non-different. Therefore if we vibrate sound Krsna, then I am immediately in contact with Krsna, and if Krsna is whole spirit, then immediately I become spiritualized. Just like if you touch electricity, immediately you're electrified. And the more you become electrified, more you become Krsnized. Krsnized. So when you are fully Krsnized, then you are in the Krsna platform.

Then fully Krsnized, no more comes back to this material existence. He remains with Krsna...

Prabhupada: "... My Guru Maharaja gave me hint that book publication is more pleasing to me than Matha-mandira. So I took it and I began to publish books and that has come successful. Karyam karma.

I took it, "Oh, Guru Maharaja wants that books should be published. So let me concentrate on this instead of..." My creating so many centers, big, big temples, that is not my primary duty. My primary duty is to write books. Therefore I am going on still. These are coming automatically. Maybe this is the secret of my success..."

--from a morning walk, Bombay, April 2nd 1974-



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