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  1. H.G. Sankarshan das Adhikari, USA: Friday 9 September 2011--Our False Declaration of Independence--and--Devotion or Detachment? Which Is First?
  2. ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Surya Gopal Prabhu
  3. Japa Group: Meaning Of The Sixteen Names PT.13
  4. Subhavilasa das ACBSP, Toronto, CA: Jaya Lord Vamanadeva! Words from Srila Prabhupada to glorify His appearance day...
  5. Akrura das, Gita Coaching: BETTER WAY TO HELP PEOPLE
  6. Australian News: Universal Prayers for Peace with Carmella Baynie & Friends YOU WILL LOVE IT
  7. Ananda Subramanian, Iowa, USA: a beautiful planet
  8. Bharatavarsa.net: Bhakti Vikasa Swami: beyond GBC
  10. Nityananda Chandra Das, Dallas TX: TEXAS FAITH 47: Do Jews, Christians and Muslims better understand each other since 9/11?
  11. H.H. Sivarama Swami
  12. Krishna Dharma dasa, UK: Pause for Thought
  13. Sastra Dana, San Diego, USA: At South Western College
  14. Dandavats.com: 4 day JANMASTAMI festival report - ISKCON-Visakhapatnam-India
  15. Dandavats.com: Srila Prabhupada's Arrival Festival Sept 17th
  16. Dandavats.com: Ads for the ISKCON Boston Temple
  17. Dandavats.com: World Holy Name Festival - Special Events
  18. Madhava Ghosh dasa, New Vrndavan, USA: Krishna Conscious Games For Kids
  19. Australian News: Leipzig Ratha Yatra – An ocean of devotion
  20. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  21. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  22. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  23. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  24. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  25. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  26. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  27. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  28. David Haslam, UK: Greedy for Devotional Service
  29. Madhavendra Puri, New Govardhana, AU: Jolting July
  30. H.H. Sivarama Swami: Skype conference with Russian disciples
  31. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
  32. H.H. Sivarama Swami
  33. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Monday, September 5th, 2011
  34. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Sunday, September 4th, 2011
  35. Australian News: Help MADHAVA'S KIRTAN BAND win India's got talent
  36. H.H. Sivarama Swami: Asutosa dasa asks
  37. Hari Sauri das, Mayapura, IN: 2011 eurotour–slovenia summer camp
  38. ISKCON Desire Tree: Vaishnava Calender - Sri Vamana Dvadasi : Appearance of lord Vamandev,Srila Jiva Goswami - Apperance
  39. ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Darshan
  40. Yoga of Ecology, Bhakta Chris, USA: Electric Car-Makers' Quest: One Plug To Charge Them All
  41. Japa Group: Chanting Answers The Questions
  42. Gouranga TV: Hey Gopinath – chakrini – songs of the soul
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H.G. Sankarshan das Adhikari, USA: Friday 9 September 2011--Our False Declaration of Independence--and--Devotion or Detachment? Which Is First?

A daily broadcast of the Ultimate Self Realization Course Friday 9 September 2011 The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna, and His eternal consort, Srimati Radharani are enjoying transcendental pastimes in the topmost planet of the spiritual world, Sri Goloka Vrindavan. They are beckoning us to rejoin them. (Click on photo to see a larger image.) Our Mission: To help everyone awaken their original Krishna consciousness, which is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. Such a global awakening will, in one stroke, solve all the problems of the world society bringing in a new era of unprecedented peace and prosperity for all. May that day, which the world so desperately needs, come very soon. We request you to participate in this mission by reviving your dormant Krishna consciousness and assisting us in spreading this science all over the world. Dedicated with love to ISKCON Founder-Acharya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, our beloved spiritual master, and to you, our dear readers. For Transcendental Association Connect With Other Members of this Course. Join this Conference: http://groups.google.com/group/sda_students Today's Thought: Our False Declaration of Independence Uploaded from Aheloy, Bulgaria In this material world by our practical daily activities in complete neglect of the Supreme Lord we falsely declare our independence from God. This is ludicrous because at every moment we are fully dependent upon God for everything: the air we breath, our food, water, clothing, shelter, and all other varieties of resources that we utilize to maintain our comforts of life. We cannot exist for a moment without these necessities of life, which He kindly supplies us. We should be constantly engaged in glorifying and remembering the transcendental name, fame, qualities, and pastimes of that most amazing Supreme Personality of Godhead, but yet we have the audacity to declare our independence by ignoring His existence. Sankarshan Das Adhikari Answers by Citing the Vedic Version: Question: Devotion or Detachment? Which Is First? Kindly say which comes first: devotion or detachment? Should one first get detached to come to the platform of bhakti, or should he perform bhakti without being qualified to do so, to attain detachment? Vandana Answer: Be Devoted. Detachment Will Follow. Detachment without bhakti is artificial and therefore cannot remain. It is only when one comes to the platform of bhakti that genuine, permanent detachment becomes manifested. So focus on bhakti, even if you have no qualification. The only requirement for bhakti is the intense greed to attain it. We are not interested in cultivating detachment separately from bhakti. Our desire is to come to the platform of complete, total attachment to Krishna. It is only when one comes to this consciousness that he becomes perfect in detachment. Sankarshan Das Adhikari Transcendental Resources: Receive the Special Blessings of Krishna Now you too can render the greatest service to the suffering humanity and attract the all-auspicious blessings of Lord Sri Krishna upon yourself and your family by assisting our mission. Lectures and Kirtans in Audio and Video: Link to High Definition Videos Link to Over 1,000 Lecture Audios Lecture-Travel Schedule for 2011 http://www.ultimateselfrealization.com/schedule Have Questions or Need Further Guidance? Check out the resources at: http://www.ultimateselfrealization.com or write Sankarshan Das Adhikari at: sda@backtohome.com Get your copy today of the world's greatest self-realization guide book, Bhagavad-gita As It Is available at:http://www.ultimateselfrealization.com/store Know someone who could benefit from this? Forward it to them. Searchable archives of all of course material: http://www.sda-archives.com Receive Thought for the Day as an RSS feed: http://www.backtohome.com/rss.htm Unsubscribe or change your email address Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Daily_Thought Thought for the Day on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ultimate.Self.Realization Copyright 2005-2011 by Ultimate Self Realization.Com Distribution of this material is encouraged. Simply we request you to acknowledge where it is coming from with a link to our sign up page: http://www.backtohome.com Our records indicate that at requested to be enrolled to receive e-mails from the Ultimate Self Realization Course at: This request was made on: From the following IP address:

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Surya Gopal Prabhu

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.17 - The name & messages of the Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna are nondifferent from Him (namnam akari bahudha nija-sarva-saktis...). Pastimes of Lord Vamana & Jiva Gosvami.

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Japa Group: Meaning Of The Sixteen Names PT.13


ramayaty-acyutam premna nikunja-vana-mandire
rama nigadita radha ramo yutas taya punah

Radharani is known as Rama because She enjoys loving pastimes with Acyuta (Krsna) in a secret forest pavilion. Since He is always by Her side, He is known as Rama.

Jiva Goswami
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Subhavilasa das ACBSP, Toronto, CA: Jaya Lord Vamanadeva! Words from Srila Prabhupada to glorify His appearance day...

Today is the appearance day of Lord Vamanadeva which we fasted for yesterday morning and tied with the Ekadasi. As is happening quite often, there is not much time left in the day to blog so the perfect solution is to simply turn to Srila Prabhupada's words to glorify this auspicious day. The following is from the summary of Srimad Bhagavatam 8th canto, chapter 18..

This chapter describes how Lord Vāmanadeva appeared and how He went to the sacrificial arena of Mahārāja Bali, who received Him well and fulfilled His desire by offering Him benedictions.

Lord Vāmanadeva appeared in this world from the womb of Aditi completely equipped with conchshell, disc, club and lotus. His bodily hue was blackish, and He was dressed in yellow garments. LordVisnu appeared at an auspicious moment on Śravana-dvādaśī when the Abhijit star had arisen. At that time, in all the three worlds (including the higher planetary system, outer space and this earth), all the demigods, the cows, the brāhmanas and even the seasons were happy because of God's appearance. Therefore this auspicious day is called Vijayā

When the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has a sac-cid-ānanda body, appeared as the son of Kaśyapa and Aditi, both of His parents were very astonished. After His appearance, the Lord assumed the form of a dwarf (Vāmana). All the great sages expressed their jubilation, and with Kaśyapa Muni before them they performed the birthday ceremony of Lord Vāmana. At the time of Lord Vāmanadeva's sacred thread ceremony, He was honored by the sun-god, Brhaspati, the goddess presiding over the planet earth, the deity of the heavenly planets, His mother, Lord BrahmāKuvera, the seven rsis and others. 

Lord Vāmanadeva then visited the sacrificial arena on the northern side of the Narmadā River, at the field known as Bhrgukaccha, where brāhmanas of the Bhrgu dynasty were performing yajñas. Wearing a belt made of muñja straw, an upper garment of deerskin and a sacred thread and carrying in His hands a danda, an umbrella and a waterpot (kamandalu), Lord Vāmanadeva appeared in the sacrificial arena of Mahārāja Bali. Because of His transcendentally effulgent presence, all the priests were diminished in their prowess, and thus they all stood from their seats and offered prayers to Lord Vāmanadeva. Even Lord Śiva accepts on his head the Ganges water generated from the toe of Lord Vāmanadeva. Therefore, after washing the Lord's feet, Bali Mahārāja immediately accepted the water from the Lord's feet on his head and felt that he and his predecessors had certainly been glorified. Then Bali Mahārāja inquired of Lord Vāmanadeva's welfare and requested the Lord to ask him for money, jewels or anything He might desire.

Jaya Lord Vamanadeva! 
Thank you Srila Prabhupada! We are forever grateful for all these festivals and pastimes which we are only able to celebrate and hear about with your mercy...
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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: BETTER WAY TO HELP PEOPLE

Give a man a bread - you feed him for a day.

Teach him how to sow, water and reap - you feed him for a lifetime.
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Australian News: Universal Prayers for Peace with Carmella Baynie & Friends YOU WILL LOVE IT

“Her unique personal style weaves the sacred Indian traditions of sound yoga with other cultural explorations of sacred music and song which awakens the heart, uplifts the spirit and opens the channels of inspiration.”

Universal Prayers for Peace with Carmella Baynie & Friends
By Carmella Baynie  |  View on Facebook
When: Sep 25, 2011 (7:30pm - 10:30pm)

Where: Qi Natural Therapies & Yoga
2 Moore Rd

» View map
Come join us for another evening of bliss!

Cost: , pre-booked

Bookings & Enquiries
(02) 9976 6880

For more about Carmella
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Ananda Subramanian, Iowa, USA: a beautiful planet

If the planet saturn looks so beautiful....imagine the beauty of the creator? One can only fathom the beauty of this creation and the creator. Krishna's proclaims in the Gita (10.41) that this creation is but a spark of His splendor. This picture surely attests to that statement.

Hare Krishna

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Bharatavarsa.net: Bhakti Vikasa Swami: beyond GBC

I was trying to preach in a certain zone and there was some resistance coming from the GBC man stationed there, but, by your mercy, in order for the preaching to go on, you told me that preaching was beyond GBC!

Arjuna Dasa, Srila Prabhupada Tributes 2011 p. 267

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The best type of question to ask anyone or in any situation is always contextual; it depends on the phase of coaching, and the purpose, or intended results, of the question.

We may call the most relevant questions for a particular person or a situation - facilitative questions, and they may combine opened and closed questions.

As a guide, coach, or a helper, you may ask yourself: "What do I want my question to accomplish?"

In general, questions are usually the most influential and most creative aspect of speaking, thinking and listening.

Questions stimulate new possibilities and new openings for action.

Effective questions lead to effective action, because questions program the form and direction of answers.

Quality of an answer depend largely on the quality of the question, because it is not possible to get best answers without the best questions.
Breakthrough changes in thinking depend on new provocative questions. Only new questions can bring about new answers. A question not asked is a door not opened.

The guide's most challenging task is to inspire people to see new possibilities and take a new action.

(Based on the Inquiry Institute teachings)
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Nityananda Chandra Das, Dallas TX: TEXAS FAITH 47: Do Jews, Christians and Muslims better understand each other since 9/11?

Dallas Morning News,
Each week we will post a question to a panel of about two dozen clergy, laity and theologians, all of whom are based in Texas or are from Texas. They will chime in with their responses to the question of the week. And you, readers, will be able to respond to their answers through the comment box.
Since September 11, 2001, many conversations have taken place among Muslims, Jews and Christians. There are official interfaith conversations occurring all over the globe, where participants dig into each other's texts. And numerous personal dialogues have been established over the last decade. Many of us have learned more about the three Abrahamic faiths since September 11, 2001 than perhaps we knew before that day.
But here's this week's question, which is simple in its wording but not necessarily simple to answer:
Do followers of the three Abrahamic faiths really understand each other better since 9/11?
Please explain the reasons for your answer.

NITYANANDA CHANDRA DAS, minister of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), Dallas 

Progressing in a clear direction by car not only requires a proper destination, but also knowledge of where one is coming from. I view this question in a similar way. If I am driving to Tulsa, I need not only the route but an understanding of where I am starting from.

By far, most religious philosophies do not deal with the subject of the self, the soul, in great detail. The difference between the body and our consciousness is not really discussed. Nor do we discuss this point: Although we reincarnate from a baby's body through childhood and youth, we, the soul, are the same person.
As a great calculus equation has little value if it is based on the premise that 1 + 1 = 3, so is interfaith and spiritual study without deep philosophical understanding of the self.

Egalitarianism based on the body fails since we are all different. This sentiment can be logically upheld by a spiritual philosophical basis by which one recognizes that the soul is of the same quality in all beings.
By deeper study, one can intelligently accept that there is only one God, by which all can approach with love calling Him by His different names. Allah, Jehovah, Krishna, Christ is just the tip of the iceberg. For as God has unlimited qualities and glories, therefore there exists unlimited names of God.

To see all responses of the TEXAS Faith panel click here. 
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H.H. Sivarama Swami

By the benediction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu and my Guru Maharaj this Movement has got very great potency for rectifying the troubled situation of the whole world. Let us work to the best of our capacity to fulfill this mission of the Lord and surely that will be the best for all concerned.

- Srila Prabhupada

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Krishna Dharma dasa, UK: Pause for Thought

These were delivered over the last 3 weeks on BBC Radio 2

Week 34 – Music

This weekend I am hoping to make it to the Notting Hill Carnival, helping a few friends with their environmentally friendly ox-powered float, and adding my voice to the general din by chanting a few ancient Sanskrit mantras. The carnival is a musical affair so we will bring our instruments and try to chant as harmoniously as possible, which is more than I would say for a lot of the music I hear these days.

I guess that's always the case though, like everything else music moves on and leaves its lovers behind. The raucous racket blasting out of our kids' rooms today has us reaching for the ear plugs, while the sweet and melodious sounds which we enjoyed in our youth are generally viewed by them as old fashioned rubbish.

Oh well, each to their own I suppose, but it is a rare person who does not enjoy some sort of music. As the poet said, music has charms to soothe the savage breast. The composer Thomas Beecham put it even more eloquently when he said that the function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought. I would second that, but with a certain proviso, that it be a part of one's spiritual practises.

For me music is an intrinsic element of my spiritual life. In Hinduism and particularly the Krishna faith, the process of kirtan, congregational glorification of God, is a key practise, and should you visit a Krishna temple you will very likely encounter groups of worshippers engaged in enthusiastic singing, and quite often dancing too. Music serves to attract us to the prayers and spiritual chants, but it is these that actually free the mind from tyranny.

In fact the word mantra means just that – 'mind freeing' – particularly from those thoughts which keep us bound up within this world. The mind is described in my scriptures as the vehicle carrying the soul, and if it is absorbed in materialistic thought it will oblige us to remain within the material or mortal realm. Only when the mind is absorbed in the divine can the soul be liberated and returned to its spiritual position. This is generally known as meditation and the easiest way to do this is chanting.

That's where the mantras come in. These generally consist of God's names which are divine sound vibrations. Therefore simply by joining in with the singing we effectively meditate on the Supreme and move towards liberation. It doesn't matter what name we chant, after all God has many names, but by this simple process we can quickly free ourselves from all the stress and anxiety of life and achieve the highest happiness.

Week 35 – Lessons learned

As Ramadan draws to a close our Muslim friends will no doubt be reflecting on the lessons they have learned from their religious observances over the last month. Challenging the urges of the senses and mind always teaches me lessons. The first thing I notice is how powerful these urges are. It is like being swept along in a boat by a fast current. You don't notice the movement or the force that moves you, until you decide to row against it. In a similar way we normally let ourselves be carried by our sensual and mental desires, submitting to them as far as we can in our quest for enjoyment. We hardly notice how they dictate our lives until we try to control them. Then they fight back with a force we never realised they possessed

My spiritual master once said that taking to spiritual life means declaring war on the force of illusion, on the urge to indulge the body and mind in material pursuits. It is illusion because we are spiritual beings, entirely separate from matter and meant to enjoy a superior spiritual happiness – but that means controlling and ultimately ending our attempts to exploit and enjoy this world.

Tough prospect perhaps, but surely we can see how such exploitation – certainly when taken to excess – leads to problems. This is a lesson we tend to learn the hard way as we reap the results. For example eating or drinking to excess leads to pain. Excessive or in other words illicit sex is fraught with trouble. Any of our senses can afford us only so much ephemeral pleasure and then we become bored or worse. On a larger scale our profligate rape of the earth in pursuit of increased consumption has produced numerous well documented calamities.

All of this should hopefully lead to us learning a larger lesson. We want unlimited enjoyment but neither our bodies nor our available resources will allow it. We need to look in a different direction. This is the direction given by God and found in all faiths and scriptures. Turn from matter, or Mammon, or Maya as I would call it, towards spirit or God. He is the unlimited Supreme and in his association we can enjoy the supreme pleasure we seek.

It is not that easy of course. I know I am still learning that lesson after so many years of trying. Our desire for sensual indulgence runs deep and as I began by saying it presents us with a formidable obstacle. The only answer is prayer and doing our best to follow the Lord's directions. Even the most powerful foe can be conquered with his help, and the biggest enemies we face are our own unbridled senses.

Week 36 – Back to Reality

At last the holidays are over and it is back to reality time for the kids as a new school year begins. Discussing this happy event with my teenage daughter last week and attempting to instil in her an appreciation for the value of a good education, I was told, "Well Dad, the reality is I hate school. Simple."

There's no arguing with that and it's probably true for many of us, that we grapple with the realities of our day to day lives. We do live in quite stressful times it seems. According to the Mental Health Foundation 1 in 4 British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year, and 1 in 6 experiences this at any given time.

Reality can be hard to face at times but according to the ancient sages of India the root cause of anxiety is to not understand what reality really is – in other words to accept the unreal as real. The Bhagavad-Gita defines reality as being that which has no termination, and conversely the unreal as that which has no permanence. For example ourselves – in reality we are said to be eternal spirit souls. The soul's temporary covering in the shape of our bodies is merely a passing combination of elements. They take the shape of a body for a short time and then disintegrate, again to reassemble into another form in due course of time. But the soul, the actual person, endures this change and continues to live, accepting another form.

All material phenomena are in a state of constant flux, forever moving from one state to another and thus the forms of this world have no substantial reality. As eternal beings we are not happy with this state of affairs. We therefore strive for security, for some sort of permanence. However, it is a losing battle. All things must pass, as George Harrison musically pronounced. Our homes, relationships and everything we possess, including our very bodies, will be taken away by the force of time. Therefore we are anxious on account of struggling vainly to avert this inevitability.

That anxiety can be entirely dissipated when we focus on true reality, on our spiritual self and our undying relationship with God. This cannot be taken away at any time. When we see the world and everything within it, including ourselves, as belonging to the Supreme, in the ultimate analysis as his energy, then we become situated on the platform of eternity, where we belong. The problems of life may not vanish, but they will be cut down to size, seen in their proper perspective against the reality of our immortal spiritual existence. That's the only reality I can face.

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Sastra Dana, San Diego, USA: At South Western College

This Labor Day we paid a visit to the South Western College, one of the numerous places where we keep the 16 Rounds To Samadhi newspaper stands.

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Dandavats.com: 4 day JANMASTAMI festival report - ISKCON-Visakhapatnam-India

By Sankirtan Ananda Gaura Das

The festival started on Saturday 20th of August with the normal morning temple program followed by Bhajans by devotees. In the evening Vaishnava Kirtan by a renowned artist was followed by a Krishna Leela ballet presented by children which was very much appreciated by the guests and devotees alike

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Dandavats.com: Srila Prabhupada's Arrival Festival Sept 17th

Daru Krsna dasa: We invite you to come celebrate the 46th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada's arrival in the West, Sept 17th 2011. The festival highlight is a yacht cruise of Boston Harbor with Srila Prabhupada, hundreds of devotees and a visit to Commonwealth Pier

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Dandavats.com: Ads for the ISKCON Boston Temple

Maha Visnu Das: Fulltime Devotees Needed Leading up the 50 anniversary of ISKCON (2016) The Boston temple will be expanding significantly in the coming years as we develop and implement initiatives and programs and work toward and achieving our 5 year goals and objectives

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Dandavats.com: World Holy Name Festival - Special Events

Ratnavali Dasi: WORLD HOLY NAME FESTIVAL - SPECIAL EVENTS SAT 10TH SEPT BRIGHTON RATHAYATRA Starts 12pm till 5pm, Meetin point: Hove sea BN3 2LS

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Madhava Ghosh dasa, New Vrndavan, USA: Krishna Conscious Games For Kids

We are out of the child raising business so I didn’t look too deeply into this site but it does seem to have a lot of good stuff to keep the rug rats busy.

Krishna Conscious Games For Kids

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Australian News: Leipzig Ratha Yatra – An ocean of devotion

From Kavicandra Swami on Facebook

“Just uplaoded photos of Leipzig Ratha Yatra. There must be many more all over the web. at least 700 devotees were there. Over 500 came from Kirtan Mela.”

From Leipzig, Germany Ratha Yatra 2011, posted by Kavicandra Swami on 9/08/2011 (40 items)

Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher

Click here to visit Kavicandra Swami on Facebook

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 September 8: "The picture of Krishna and Balarama fighting as bulls is completely rejected by me. It is not good. You have made it demoniac. Make Them as they are themselves, as boys fighting. Everything is there in the Krsna Book. Don't imagine."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 September 8: "Right from the very beginning you have always been a sincere worker, therefore, I keep you as GBC. You may not be a good manager, but whatever I say you accept. These are all good qualifications. Others should follow your example."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1969 September 8: "This fighting between brothers must stop otherwise the whole program will be spoiled. Do everything combinedly. That is my request. Gradually, by Krishna's Grace, we are expanding. So if amongst ourselves there is friction, it will be very dangerous."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1969

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1965 September 8:
"Today at about 8 o'clock in the morning and near about Gibraltar we had a first experience of fog impediment. It was all dark round the ship and she stopped moving completely. She was whistling now and then to protect herself from other unseen ships being collided with. We started at about 11 again. At about 2/30 p.m. we passed over Gibraltar Port. The strait is wide about seven miles across. We are in the Atlantic."
Jaladuta Diary :: 1965

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1975 September 8: "Becoming life member is not necessary, it is a side issue. We want people to co-operate with this movement. So come and stay here with me and try to understand this philosophy. One who cooperates with this movement, he is the real life member."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1975

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 September 8: "Your report of the book distribution is very much pleasing to me. Even now in this weakened condition I got strength from such report. So you go and distribute my books to libraries. This is very encouraging to me to write more."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 September 8: "Your preaching work is very encouraging to me. So you also can take up this library program. Get standing orders for my Srimad-Bhagavatam and Caitanya Caritamrta as many as possible. This is very good preaching work."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1975 September 8: "Yes, it is Bhagavan's special mercy that I am getting such immense wealth. But this money is coming from the mlecchas and yavanas and you are pukkha brahmana. Therefore I am afraid to contribute to you as you request. How shall I give to you and pollute you?"
Prabhupada Letters :: 1975

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David Haslam, UK: Greedy for Devotional Service


How often do we (or should I say "I" to be more accurate) reflect on how spiritual progress is being made.

Are we maintaining?
Have we slipped?
Have we progressed?

Do we set ourselves targets in spiritual life, or just see were the cards land; Krishna’s in control anyways so why make the effort any ways.

I’m sitting reflecting that about this time last year I finally reached the standards that allowed me to take first initiation after what seemed a lifetime of struggle (mainly with my mind); it reminded me of each visit by my guru maharaja and the sadness and pain felt knowing that this time I won’t be initiated. Like a scare of a deep cut that reminds us.

But how each year, I remained determined may be next, disappointed Yes, down hearted Yes but non the less determined.

As I approached initiation last year I did what I’ve always done looked at the previous year, what have I learnt and how can I improve and increase service whilst maintaining work balance and pay the never ending household bills. With more schools to visit, community events and what appeared to be a decrease in visits from twice monthly to once monthly but extending the stay which meant more service at the temple. And with help from one special senior devotee started helping out on the deity transfers (a step closer to fully realizing my desire)

Having spoken it was considered that with determination I could achieve second initiation within a year; well it hasn’t happened and I am reminded of the scares from not achieving first initiation year after year.

So is it time to give up?

Like undertaking a long journey and realizing there is too many obstacles sound a retreat back to the safe haven of home, it’s what I know and is hassle free.

Easy enough I guess, buy a TV, get SKY, buy in the beers, buy the meat and pursue sex life; as society would say become more normal; but then apart from TV I wasn’t much good at the other things and it is in it’s own way full of unnecessary hassle.

Indeed I love seeing to the deities in the morning, reading from SB, reading the daily thought of the day and simply following the four regulative principles saves me from so much suffering, period. But the mind leads us here and there, the mind is crazy and as I listen to it it makes me crazy.

So quiet reflection, and determination.

This year the answer is NO, may be next, if not the next, if not the next; now how many years before I gained first?

I am reminded of this, everything happens in Krishna’s time not ours but we have to remain determined and focused fixed in service.

And with this in mind I am sat contemplating, how can I increase service this year compared to last; and can I become more greedy for devotional service; for we should all be greedy, greedy for service ever increasing ever pursuing, eventually we will reach journeys end. But for me I’m enjoying the ups and downs of the Journey and as long as I remain fixed in trying to make a success of devotional life I pray that Krishna keeps moving forward reliant on him, guru and the devotees.

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Madhavendra Puri, New Govardhana, AU: Jolting July



July was a mad jolt of new experiences.  For the most of the month the Durr brothers found themselves travelling in Poland.  I started to publish the Won-Durr Boiz diary series, celebrating our brotherly tribute to the Sankirtana movement.





We kicked off the Polish Tour led by HH Indradyumna Swami.  We did festivals all over the Baltic Sea Coast including the following towns: Dzwirzyno, Ustronie Morskie, Mielno, Mrzezyno, Niechorze, Rewal, Miedzyzdroje and Pobierowo.  My older brother Nitai was given the service of mrdanga player on the harinams, as well as organizing morning programs and he even had a shot at managing the stage show.  Rupa was a relentless help in the veggie kebab department of the restaurant division and otherwise a great character to have around.  My services varied from washing dishes at midnight, playing Krsna in a Gita drama, to filling in at the mixing desk for the kirtanas.





Sudarsana blessed me in Mielno, where I decided to have the transcendental disk tattooed on my upper back.  I took consultation from a few senior devotees before I made the voyage down to the beach tattoo parlor.  It was supposed to be a two hour tattoo but it ended up being an extremely painful three and a half hour experience.



We continued our journey on to Kostrzyn to prepare for Woodstock.  At this point in the journey Bhisma and Anukula joined our crew.  Bhisma had a gift for me from my parents: a sound recorder, in honour of my graduating with a diploma of Vaishnava Theology at Bhaktivedanta College, Radhadesh (not to be confused with a Bachelor of Vaishnava Theology, which will still take me two more years).  I was thankful for the gift, which was probably on the top of my list of urgent material desires.  I plan to use it for spiritual music, class recordings and audio for devotional films.



Near the end of the month, I found myself living in a school, serving the senior devotees on the Polish Tour.  I finished off the month with a catch up on sadhana and a lot of extra writing.  It was nice to turn down the volume and let the electric month fizzle off for another mad adventure coming just around the bend.  Woodstock was on the horizon, more festivals on the Baltic Sea Coast were following and Kirtana Mela was next on the agenda.  The nectar and combined madness didn't seem to have an end.


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H.H. Sivarama Swami: Skype conference with Russian disciples

If Krsna says he protects the fame of his devotees, why does infamy stain both devotees and the Movement? (English/Russian)

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

What About Buffalo

Buffalo, New York

I do pop into the city of Buffalo, a smooth 2 hour drive from Toronto, from time to time. Today, I came to the Greyhound bus station to pick up some goods belonging to our little theatre department. There have been occasions where I've come to this city to conduct sangas (devotional gatherings), leave a message of the Gita, chant with people, and so on. Every time I come here I fuel up inside with a missionary's sentiment.

"Why do we not have a permanent place for Krishna Consciousness in Buffalo?" I ask and throw in the ether. Buffalo has been a place of where in the late 60s to early 70s so much receptivity came from the young and hip. Many of those sincere seekers of the truth came forward to join the ranks of Krishna Consciousness and are to this day, committed members of the Krishna Consciousness society. It is rather heart wrenching to see this very sizable city lie fallow.

I have had to ask myself if I could stretch myself more to dedicating or adding on to my list of destinations that I am already responsible for. Therefore, I am making an appeal out there to the world of Vaishnav teachers if they would consider the incredible potential. Consider virgin territory, wild and wonderful, ready for a breath of fresh incensed air.

There are lots of potential places starving for a higher consciousness. It doesn't require a huge amount of capital to begin. A small place with warmth and charm is all that is required to attract people on the search for that more lofty purpose.

If anyone has some interest in an adventure to pioneer a neglected space and to re-open a great city for the message of the Gita, then I'm happy to collaborate and help in anyway.

8 Km

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H.H. Sivarama Swami

We are only ordinary men, playthings of fate. Indeed, whether a person acts on his own or is forced by others, he is always under the Supreme Lord’s control.

- Vasudeva

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Monday, September 5th, 2011

The Superior Way

Toronto, Ontario

Anshul is a South Indian Hindu who fasts on Monday so when I offered him some ripe plums off a tree that we came upon during our walk, he held them in his hands as a take out.

"Fasting is good!" I said as a way to encourage him. My fast is fortnightly (every two weeks), I explained. I didn't care to tilt him over to my discipline. I was really content to hear him chant softly with mantras gliding over his tongue for a full hour and a half. There were the occasional diversions or distractions from chanting but they were questions.

Off the topic of mantra chanting and more on walking. "What's the difference between us walking the ravine as opposed to doing this on a treadmill?" asked Anshul. Here's what I said in regards to the pros of walking outside in the ravine:

1) The air is clean and oxygen, plenty
2) The rougher terrain moves more muscles
3) You meet people
4) It's free, you don't pay for a machine
5) You receive sunshine and the other elements
7) Nature is beautiful, the walls are bland
8) A treadmill usually fits one, a trail accommodates.

Anshul appreciated the comparison. From there he resumed chanting while moving his legs, as I did. After our return to the temple ashram, I mentioned to Anshul that I am preparing for a 4th cross Canada walk beginning in ten days from Newfoundland going west. Please join me when I get closer to central Canada. With a broad smile he said, "I will."

It beats moving on a treadmill.

10 Km

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Sunday, September 4th, 2011

She Rivers

Winnipeg Manitoba

The two rivers flowing through the city here, the Red River and Assiniboine River are on an overflow, unusual for late summer. Dout, Daruka and I collected muck under our feet by their bank, not by choice. It got to the messy point where we decided to move up to the street level and take to the sidewalk. I guess everybody likes to be close to the river. There's a Huckleberry Finn in us all.

When I see such rivers I think not of the Mississippi, but of the Ganges, that most sacred of all. She is an enraging personality. In her personified form as outlined in Puranic stroies, she comes across as a relentless character. She saves lives, however, with her pure waters, and paradoxically claims lives through accidents. It sounds duplicitous of her.

Our local rivers here claim bicycles and shopping carts. Sometimes the occasional corpse is cast adrift, something seen on the Ganga from time to time.

Now enough of goddesses as rivers. We had today the time to reflect on the feminine side of God though, which goes by the name of the ultimate goddess – Radharani. For Her, Krishna devotees around the world honour a half-day fast. I was asked to speak on the topic of the top-most goddess, first at the home of a god-sister, Racitambhara, and then the home of Vrnda. In fact, these two aforementioned persons are goddesses in their own right. They carry the line of service in the city of Winnipeg in an extraordinary way. Kindness and compassion runs through their veins as they demonstrate the caretaking nature of Radharani Herself.

To say something of compliment about Radha is difficult because it is hard to know where to begin and where to end, but one thing is for sure, She offers so much mercy which tends to flow like many rivers. Those who claim allegiance to Krishna must also show the same loyalty to Radha. When we utter the words, "Hare Krishna" we are actually saying, "Radha Krishna"

10 Km

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Australian News: Help MADHAVA'S KIRTAN BAND win India's got talent

Thank to Shweta Bhatia for making sure I saw this : )

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

As many of you are aware that " MADHAVA'S KIRTAN BAND" has qualified in the popular TV show " India's Got Talent". If they win they will get 50 Lac Rupees Cash Prize!!!! THEY WILL GIVE THE MONEY TO SRI SRI RADHA GIRIDHARI TEMPLE, Mira Road, Mumbai, Thane, FOR TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION!!!!! For wining, they need maximum supports (SMS VOTE) from people all over India. So, please SPREAD this message like fire……..

Please Note Carefully, the Voting Starts on 10th Sept,2011 at 10 PM & ends at 10AM on 11th Sept,2011 ( Only 12 Hours).

Go to the message writing box & type MAD & send it to 56882 (10th Sept 10 PM onwards for 12 hours only).

You can vote 100 times from one mobile connection.

Please forward this message to maximum number of devotees & your friends requesting them to Vote on the particular date in the service of Sri Sri Radha Giridhari.

Thank you very much!

Click here for The Madhava’s Facebook page

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H.H. Sivarama Swami: Asutosa dasa asks

How can I strengthen or maintain the concentration while chanting 16 rounds so that that beginning excellent quality would remain the same till the very last round?

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Hari Sauri das, Mayapura, IN: 2011 eurotour–slovenia summer camp

After a couple of days in Zagreb I headed off to Slovenia with HH Prahladananda Maharaja and Lilasukha prabhu for another four day summer camp. We travelled to the border and after a half hour wait just over the checkpoint we swapped cars and went on to the camp site. 620_4855

I can’t tell you where exactly because noone seemed to know the name of the district. Anyway, it was about 30 kms from the border. I like Slovenia, its a green and pleasant land and our site was right in the middle of a beautiful band of farm land.


Facilities were simple but adequate. Maharaja stayed in a small cabin, Manidhara had his own travelling house

100_2993 100_3195

and for the first time this year the organizers provided a few small caravans for senior guests, myself included

620_4856 620_4857

and we even had wireless broadband


A large rented framed marquee served as the temple room and single men’s quarters

620_4871 620_4863 - Copy620_4864 - Copy 620_4867

An old barn served as a temporary ashram and kitchen

620_4876620_4886620_4878 620_4885

and the remainder of the devotees stayed in tents. Altogether about sixty adults and kids attended. Not huge but the summer camps are a great chance for devotees to get together, have a spiritual holiday and increase their hearing and chanting.

620_4918 620_4893

Beautiful Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada oversaw the events

620_4866 620_4905

Mornings were surprisingly chilly; in fact one morning it was only 5 degs. C! I was told later it was the coldest August morning for over a hundred years. But it was sunny everyday so no real hardship there


One pleasant surprise was meeting HG Kratu  prabhu whom I hadn’t seen for a few years


He was staying at a nearby home and gave a seminar on Krsna-katha

As in Lika I was asked to kick off each day’s seminars with a session of ‘Srila Prabhupada the Living Bhagavatam’ so that everyone could meditate on His Divine Grace during the day.

100_2463 100_2473

Prasadam was very nicely cooked and it was a pleasure to take with the Vaisnavas in the sunshine and open air. And of course, bask in the warm sunshine


The many children were kept entertained with special rides, kirtans and even a bonfire to cook fresh corn on the cob

100_2760 100_2764100_2787100_2797100_2798100_2804100_2808100_2842100_2850100_2980100_2991100_3048100_3065100_3067100_3085

The special event was Lord Balarama’s appearance day some photos of which are just now coming (in case anyone is wondering about the sporadic nature of my postings, I am on a pretty hectic tour schedule so its a bit hit and miss, but there’s lots coming up!)

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ISKCON Desire Tree: Vaishnava Calender - Sri Vamana Dvadasi : Appearance of lord Vamandev,Srila Jiva Goswami - Apperance

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Darshan

Thus Lord Nityananda has unlimited incarnations. In transcendental emotion He calls Himself a servant of Lord Caitanya. Caitanya Caritamrita Adi 5.134

If God Himself experiences so much ecstasy identifying Himself as His servant, why is my mind so reluctant. O Lord please remove my reluctance.

Here is today's darshan.

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Yoga of Ecology, Bhakta Chris, USA: Electric Car-Makers' Quest: One Plug To Charge Them All

Lara Solt/Dallas Morning News, via Associated Press

Click here to read the full article from Csaba Csere at the New York Times


WITH electric cars and plug-in hybrids at last trickling into the showrooms of mainstream automakers, the dream of going gasoline-free is becoming a reality for many drivers. Cars like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt can cover considerable distances under electric power alone — certainly enough for local errands and even most daily commutes — while enabling their owners to shun gas stations.

Indeed, charging the car's battery pack at home, or topping up at the office or shopping mall, will work fine for most drivers. But what about trips that are beyond the range of a single battery charge? Couldn't a driver in need simply pull up to a charging kiosk and plug in for a rapid refill?

It's not that simple.

Sure, there are already public charging stations in service, and new ones are coming online daily. But those typically take several hours to fully replenish a battery.

As a result, the ability for quick battery boosts — using a compatible direct current fast charger, the Leaf can refill to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes — could potentially become an important point of differentiation among electric models.

But the availability of fast charging points has in part been held up by the lack of an agreement among automakers on a universal method for fast charging — or even on a single electrical connector. Today's prevalent D.C. fast-charge systems are built to a standard developed in Japan by Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru in conjunction with Tokyo Electric Power.

Called Chademo, which translates roughly to "charge and move," it uses a connector that is different from the plugs in most electric cars. As a result, a Chademo-compatible car like the Nissan Leaf requires two separate sockets.

Overcoming the limitation of a short driving range is vital to achieving acceptance by consumers who want uncompromised, do-everything vehicles. The potential solutions all have drawbacks. Larger batteries are expensive and saddle the car with added weight. An onboard generator turned by a gasoline engine, as used in the Volt plug-in hybrid and similar future models, are another possible solution, but such systems add cost and pounds — and compromise the emissions-free image that attracts consumers to electric cars in the first place.

Leisurely overnight recharging is no problem. All electric cars come with a standard charging cable that can plug into a common 120-volt household electrical outlet. More than just an extension cord, this cable incorporates various safety features.

"There is no energy flowing through the cord until the car talks to the box," said Gary Kissel, an engineering specialist for General Motors, referring to the charging cord's electronics. "It also has a G.F.C.I. and signals the car that the cable is connected, making it impossible for you to drive off if you forget that you're plugged in," he said, using the abbreviation for the safety provision known as a ground fault circuit interrupter.

The Leaf and the Volt, as well as future electric cars coming to the American market, can use these 120-volt cords interchangeably because they are all designed to the SAE J1772 standard. A task force assembled by SAE International, an organization of scientists and vehicle engineers, developed the design specifications for the J1772 standard through a committee of 150 carmakers, electrical equipment makers and utilities.

Other groups, including the American National Standards Institute, are also working on standards and codes for electric cars.

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Japa Group: Chanting Answers The Questions

Hare Krsna my dear devotees. Today I heard a devotee talking about Srila Prabhupada pastimes and he said that once he wrote to him saying that he felt lonely without his presence and that he did not know what to do when difficulties happened, so Srila Prabhupada told him that chanting the holy names will help you and everything you need to know will come from within.

This was so strong to me that I felt like I had seen this before, so many times after chanting many things I needed to know came to my mind and realizations as well. It was amazing. Maybe you have felt the same.

This is the power of the Holy Names - we are never alone, the Lord is present through chanting all the time by our sides telling us what to do and where to go....nothing can go wrong when we depend on Krsna in all aspects of our lives...He is always there for us.

May your week be blessed by the Lord with great chanting.

your servant,


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Gouranga TV: Hey Gopinath – chakrini – songs of the soul

Hey Gopinath – chakrini – songs of the soul

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