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"My dear auspicious Rādhārāṇī, Your body is the source of all beauty. Your red lips are softer than the sense of immortal sweetness, Your face bears the aroma of a lotus flower, Your sweet words defeat the vibrations of the cuckoo, and Your limbs are cooler than the pulp of sandalwood. All My transcendental senses are overwhelmed in ecstatic pleasure by tasting You, who are completely decorated by beautiful qualities.' 

--Lalita-madhava 9.9 of Srila Rupa Gosvami--

Today I was talking to a Christian pastor, we talked about miracles, and he mentioned something that I found very important, he said: 'to perform a miracle you need a combination of three factors; namely, faith, prayer and purity'... 

Then I started talking about Srila Prabhupada, and how only by his unflinching faith in Krishna and the order of his spiritual master he came to America at a very advanced age, against all odds and suffering many hardships...

How he prayed and surrendering his whole being to the will of the Supreme said these words: 'I'm just a puppet in your hands my Lord, please make me dance, make me dance as you like.'

And how by his pure devotion the movement of Krishna Consciousness became a success... 

All these three factors were with Srila Prabhupada all the time, his miracle?... Turning the lowest of the mankind into Vaisnavas, devotees of the Lord Hari...

--(the pastor was very impressed and invited me to talk about the BG this Sunday at his place of worship)--

"O my beloved friend Vṛndā, where are you coming from?"
"I am coming from the feet of Śrī Hari."
"Where is He?"
"In the forest on the bank of Rādhā-kuṇḍa."
"What is He doing there?"
"He is learning dancing."
"Who is His master?"
"His only master is Your image Rādhā... 
Your very own image, revealing itself in every tree and creeper in every direction... Your image, that is roaming like a skillful dancer, making Him dance behind."

--Govinda Lilamrta--

The Power of Radharani's Pure Love

"Rukmini Devi continued, 'My dear Lord, You control everyone in the three worlds. No one can control You. Now please listen. I'm going to tell You something from the bottom of my heart. Whoever has intense attachment to serving Your lotus feet will definitely taste transcendental ecstasy. Because I am completely devoted and surrendered to You, I can experience the ecstasy of worshiping Your lotus feet.

'You, however, are the Supreme Lord, so how can you understand this ecstasy? Besides me, only Shrimati Radharani knows how to relish the mellows of love and taste the highest transcendental pleasure. Although devotees discuss these topics throughout the day and night, they are always amazed by the unique quality of Radharani's pure love for You.

'Laksmi Devi, the goddess of fortune; Lord Brahma, the demigods, and the demigoddesses are all eager to serve Your lotus feet. By receiving the nectar of Your feet, they all attained spontaneous devotional service. Kamala, the goddess of fortune, who always lies on your bed enjoying Your loving embraces, always desires to attain Your lotus feet. Who can estimate the unlimited glories of Your lotus feet?

'Even after enjoying so much happiness, the goddess of fortune longs for the mercy achieved by serving Your lotus feet. Only Radharani who enjoyed with You in Vrndavana, can understand this completely. No one can compare with Radharani.

It mystifies me how Radharani binds You so completely with Her transcendental qualities. Even today, Your heart pines for Her, and tears pour from Your eyes whenever You chant the name of Radha. Just see the power of Radha's pure love…

--from the Caitanya Mangala--
 — con Madhura Hegde.

"A huge stone, even if watered and nourished by pure nectar for millions of years will never sprout a single blade of grass. Even if a dog's tail is forcibly and carefully extended and stretched for a long period of time it will never become straight. An expert man may stretch and reach out his long arms as much as he likes, but he will never ever grasp the moon or any other planet. Similarly the most advanced transcendentalists even after performing all the various kinds of spiritual practices for millions of lives will never ever attain the supreme festival of pure, unadulterated and unalloyed love of God without achieving the mercy of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu through the chanting of His Holy Name and Pastimes!"

"Mother Yashoda holds Lord Pankajanabha (Krishna) on her lap. Her garments are wonderfully beautiful. Her complexion is the color of a fresh raincloud. She delights the entire world. I repeatedly offer my respectful obeisances to her."

Srila Rupa Gosvami--

"We are not poets. We are not logicians. We are not philosophers who have crossed to the farther shore of Vedanta. We are not eloquent debaters. We are the servants of a rascal cowherd boy."

Shri Sarvabhauma Bhatthacarya--

"O Lord Mukunda! I bow down my head to Your Lordship and respectfully ask You to fulfill this one desire of mine: that in each of my future births I will, by Your Lordship's mercy, always remember and never forget Your lotus feet."


"Now that the Supreme Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His Holy Name have descended to this mortal world of birth and death, suddenly and astonishingly the gigantic waves of sankirtana (congregational chanting) have manifested in this world. The chanting of the glories of Lord Gauranga's Holy Name and Pastimes is instantly converting the thunderbolt-like hearts of the greatly overwhelmed sinful souls bound in the bodily concept of life into hearts which are soft like fresh butter. Thus Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name and Pastimes eternally remain the one and only destination of my life."

--Sri Caitanya Candramrta--

In Vrndavana the trees and vines filled with multitudes of wonderful, transcendental, splendid flowers and fruits, the blissful excited cooing of the multitudes of splendid transcendental peacocks, cuckoos, parrots and other birds, the many multitudes of splendid transcendental lakes, streams, hills and newly blossoming forest groves, as well as the golden ground studded with jewels, are all very enchanted.

--Vrndavana Mahimamarta, Sataka 2 verse 2--

"Not by wearing saffron cloth, not by restricting food and other sense-activities, not by living in the forest, not by discussing philosophy, and not by observing a vow of silence, but only by even the slightest beginning of devotional service to the lotus feet of Lord Govinda, who enjoys pastimes on the Yamuna’s wide banks, is Kamadeva stopped."

--unknown author from the Sri Padyavali by Srila Rupa Gosvami--

"Tinkling Their anklets and small bells, They enchanted the three worlds as They went here and there... Now walking on their two feet among the gopas' homes, and their glances like those of a lion's cub, Krsna and Balarama grew in the village of Vraja."

"When their son's limbs were dark, anointed with dust by playing in the courtyard with the boys of Vraja, Yasoda took Them and bathed Them with great care... On Their hands and knees crawling first to the courtyard and then to Their mothers' lap, Krsna and Balarama were like lions cubs splendidly playing in Vraja."

-- Garga Samhita--

"The gopis asked: 'Where is Your face? Where are Your eyes? Where is Your nose? Where are Your ears? Where is the top of Your head?' With each question the Lord placed His flower-petal finger in the appropriate spot. In this way the infant Lord delighted the gopis."

Shri Kavi Sarvabhauma--

"One who has taken shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord, which are accepted as the most suitable boat for crossing the ocean of nescience, can achieve liberation as easily as one leaps over the holes made by the hoofs of a calf. Such persons are meant to reside in the abode of the Lord, and they have nothing to do with a place where there is danger in every step."

--SB.1.8.25 (purport)--

"O Lord, the entire universe was created by Lord Brahma, who was born from Your abdomen, which was bound by a rope by Mother Yasoda. To this rope I offer my humble obeisances. I offer my obeisances to Your most beloved Srimati Radharani and to Your unlimited pastimes."

"Seeing the yogurt was in a jug hanging on ropes beyond His hand’s reach, by arranging a footstool, a grinding mortar, and the gopa boys. Lord Hari climbed up to it.

When even from that height the yogurt-jar hanging from ropes could not be reached, Sridama and Subala hit the jar with sticks.

As all the beautiful yogurt flowed from the broken jug to the ground, Krsna, Subala, the boys, and some monkeys, all ate it."

 — con Rony Saha.

"Having seen the pot of fresh butter from afar, He made a bee-line for it, scrambling over on His hands and knees, while anxiously turning His face for fear of His mother. I worship such childhood activities of Lord Kesava” 

--Srila Rupa Gosvami--



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