viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008

The killing of Gangotri”: Protest in London on Wednesday 13th February

By Radha Mohan Dasa

“The killing of Gangotri”: Protest in central London on Wednesday 13th February

On Wednesday 13th February devotees and supporters will be peacefully protesting against the horrific and unnecessary killing of our Mother cow Gangotri outside British Parliament. On the same day, the ashes of Gangotri will be scattered on the river Ganges. After the RSPCA’s callous act of killing the cow in Bhaktivedanta Manor’s goshalla, despite the cries of outrage from across the British Hindu community, the government have tried to brush the issue aside. Now we need to take this opportunity to let the public know how sinful it is to kill cows.

Devotees and supporters will meet outside Parliament. (near the Tents) at 4.00 pm.

From there, we will walk to DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ) to reach there at 5.30pm. The walk is only 15 minutes.

DEFRA is at Smith Square, off Milbank 17 Smith Square London SW1P 3JR

For more details of the Gangotri Campaign, please visit: www. justiceforgangotri. org

If you live in the UK, or you know somebody who does, please try to pass this information on.

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